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9th Annual
Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy

The 9th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy is focused on higher education teaching excellence and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The conference showcases the best pedagogical practice and research in higher education today. Sessions address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Ultimately, the conference is an opportunity to demonstrate effective instructional practice and disseminate the latest research aimed at improving the quality of higher education.

General Information

Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Conference: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, February 15-17, 2017
Where: The Inn at Virginia Tech & Skelton Conference Center
Who: Faculty, Administrators and Students
Proposals Due: Friday, October 14, 2016 at noon (EST)

Important Dates

Proposals Open: Monday, June 20, 2016
Proposals Close: Friday, October 14, 2016 at noon (EST)
Notifications Sent: October 28, 2016
Schedule Posted: November 11, 2016
Presenters Required to Register: January 2, 2017

Important Change

It is with a heavy heart that we have a registration fee this year. Nine years ago the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (CHEP) began with no registration fee at all, to make sure everyone could attend, even while institutions were cutting back on professional development funds. The success of the conference led to increased attendance over the years, from 200+ participants in 2009 to 1050 participants in 2016. This increase in participation was great, but came with a cost (literally).

The original plan was to pay for the Conference with sponsorship funds, which worked well for the first few years. Since 2012, however, the cost of the Conference has exceeded the amount of sponsorship funds attained (see graph). This has led to a growing Conference deficit and the need for a registration fee. We have kept the registration fees as low as we can and still cover our deficit. We are disappointed in the need for the change and hope you understand.


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Christine Harrington and Dr. Eddie Watson for our opening and closing keynotes. For more information, please click here.

Pre-Conference Workshops

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Flipping... Problem-Based Learning... Rubrics... Discussions... Large Classes... Technology... Coding... Visuals... Self-Regulated Skills!! The Pre-Conference Workshops are designed to allow participants to delve deeply into specific topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. This year's workshops will address creating a flipped classroom, facilitating interaction within online/blended courses, effective uses of technology in the classroom, teaching large classes, using examples and visuals in class, developing self-regulated skills using short activies, and more!.

Social Events

International Reception
Wednesday Night
Thursday Night
Participant Gatherings
Last year we had over several presenters and participants representing a myriad of countries. We expect similar international participation again this year and we will be having a reception to honor our guests from afar. The International Reception is sponsored by Dr. Guru Ghosh, Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs.
Our second reception is still in the planning stage. Please check back for additional details. Conferences are an opportunity for individuals from different institutions to come together to talk, share, eat, run, and plan. Please consider joining one of the groups, or create a group of your own for others to join!
(Registration Opens July 1)
(Registration Opens July 1)

Contact Information:

Dr. Danielle Lusk
110 Hillcrest Hall
(540) 231-7930

Tiffany Shoop
108 Hillcrest Hall
(540) 231-0785