Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research

Academy of Professors Emeriti & Emeritae

Call for Nominations

The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER), under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education, invites nominations for the Academy of Professors Emeriti and Emeritae.

Virginia Tech faculty members, over the course of extended careers, often develop deep insight, complex and integrated knowledge structures, and a broad range of effective strategies and approaches associated with teaching. These faculty members, often award-winning teachers, serve to provide Virginia Tech students with meaningful, innovative, and compelling educational experiences. Unfortunately, upon retirement, these instructors, models, and mentors are often lost to students and the university at large. The Academy of Professors Emeriti and Emeritae is designed to recapture the mastery and caring of these faculty members, providing an avenue for exceptional instructors to continue teaching, to the benefit of students, fellow faculty members, and the Virginia Tech community.


Faculty are eligible for the Academy who meet the following criteria:

  • Retired in or after 2005
  • Granted Emeritus/Emerita status by the Board of Visitors
  • Experience and demonstrated excellence in teaching large (100+ students) classes ("large" may be relative to the major)

Nomination Materials

The application for entry into the Academy consists of submitting three documents, a 2-page letter from the department head, a 2-page philosophy of teaching statement from the emeritus faculty member, and a 1-page budget statement. All applications must be submitted online.

  1. Nomination Letter (2 pages max): The nomination letter, written by the nominee's department chair, must include an explanation of the department's instructional need, a discussion of how the faculty member will fulfill the department's instructional need, and a representation of the faculty member's teaching excellence.
  2. Teaching Philosophy Statement (2 pages max): The statement of the nominee's philosophy of teaching should include specific references to his/her approach to teaching either large Curriculum of Liberal Education (CLE) courses, or the specific course that represents the department's specific need.
  3. Budget Statement (1 page max): The budget statement should include the funding necessary to support the faculty member for the proposed course to be taught. The budget statement should also provide a brief statement delineating the appropriateness/rationale of the requested funding. Finally, the budget statement should include the total funding necessary, keeping in mind that the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Department Head will each provide half of the total funding required.

Application Process

All applications must be submitted online. Prior to beginning the online submission process, nominators should make sure they have all of the necessary information:

  • Nomination Letter in PDF format.
  • Teaching Philosophy statemenmt in PDF format.
  • Budget Statement in PDF format.

Online Submission: All nominations must be submitted online.


  • April 14 : Application/nomination materials must be submitted online by 4 pm
  • April 21: Academy Selection Committee recommendations due to Dr. Wubah
  • Early May: Dr. Wubah, Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education makes final decision
  • Early May: Department heads and faculty members notified of selection committee decision

Remuneration and Resources

Academy members will be remunerated according to the salary or wage scale for the department in which they will teach. The funding for the Academy positions will be split evenly between the department and the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education. Resources to assist in expediting the courses will come from CIDER.

Responsibilities and Term

Selected members of the Academy accept the responsibility to teach specific classes using meaningful, innovative and effective methods, fostering deep comprehension, problem solving, knowledge transfer, and critical thinking in students. In addition, Academy members will serve as potential mentors for students as well as junior faculty members. The term of membership for those accepted into the Academy is three academic years and is renewable.

Contact Information

Materials, questions, and concerns should be directed to:

          Peter Doolittle
          Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER)
; 1-6823